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Phillip W. Kelly, M.D.
Marylin H. White, M.D.
Blake Avera, M.D. ​DevinWest, M.D.

1704 Eleventh Street - P.O BOX 8169
Wichita Falls, Texas 76307-8169
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We are pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Devin West, M.D.

​​Dr. West will make a great addition to the medical community here in Wichita Falls.  He will begin to see patients July 2018.

Dr. West is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.  He graduated from the University of Tennessee Hamilton Eye Institute.  He comes to Wichita Falls with his wife and children from Tennessee.  

He enjoys outdoor activities with his family, music, excersising and playing basketball.  He plays classical piano, drums, and some guitar.

At North Texas Ophthalmology Associates, Dr. Kelly, Dr. White and Dr. Avera are medical doctors specializing in treatment and care of their patient's eyes. Our services include cataract surgery, laser surgery, eyelid surgery and general health of the eyes.
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North Texas Ophthalmology associates

1704 Eleventh Street- P.O BOX 8169
Wichita Falls, Texas 76307-8169
940-723-1274- 1-800-327-1675

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